Cloud Computing Affects Almost Every Business

Guides to help you understand how the “Cloud” can support your business

Cloud helps support a new business in many ways, offering scalable work tools which are cost effective and easy to implement. It’s also more secure and problem-free than older, locally-based alternatives. Most businesses will probably already have thought about the cloud, but there are plenty of reasons why some of them may not have made the jump yet.

Akita’s guide to cloud computing presents small business and startup owners with up-to-date information that explains how many of the previous ‘roadblocks’ have now been removed as the industry has evolved. This Cloud resource considers all of these benefits in objective detail, including accountancy, cloud storage and security. It also reviews the best cloud project management apps out there on the market, all with the aim of answering those real-world questions owners have about the cloud – what is it? How does it works? and why should it be considered?

It’s easy to digest and is split up into sections that reflect day-to-day business, offering practical, easy-to-apply ideas for how they can make genuine cost savings. From ideas about efficiency improvements to the latest cloud solutions, each piece has key takeaways written at a level that business owners will appreciate. And it will be regularly updated by a range of experts – future contributors should get in touch via the website.

Akita Cloudguide

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