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5 Tips, Tricks and Tools to Help Make Your Business Fully Remote

There is no understating just how much the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the work environment. For the last several months, entrepreneurs have been forced to adapt to remote work or shut down their operations entirely. While remote work isn’t without its challenges, the current circumstances have led many to recognize its potential benefits. Twitter’s recent...
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How Cyber Hackers Attack: Defense Against the Dark Arts

While working for Hillary Clinton in 2016, campaign chairman, John Podesta, received a strange email asking for his Gmail credentials. It looked suspicious, so he sent it to the campaign’s IT staff. The staffer knew that it was a bad link, so he responded that it was illegitimate. And, thanks to a spelling error, told...
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How to Build a Strong Safety Net as a Solopreneur

Running your own business is invigorating. You’ve got ultimate flexibility, and there’s no limit on what you can do, or how much you can earn. However, it goes without saying, being a solopreneur also means you must have a certain degree of comfort with the unknown. Where traditional employment brings some level of job security with...
Disruptive technology
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Big Data Gets Bigger: Disruptive Technology in 2017

Long gone are the days when "disruptive" was an insult. Nowadays disruptive technology is quickly becoming the media's term of endearment as startups race to reach new pinnacles in automation, topple expectations and turn entire industries on their heads. While we used to see revolutionary changes in technology perhaps once per decade, we're seeing radical...
Cloud computing
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Cloud Computing and Security: Why it’s Important for Startups

Startups have a reputation for burning through lots of cash during their initial launch. They need large amounts of funding to obtain everything they need to get their doors open and to sell their products. Startups must also keep an eye on their spending habits, and the information technology (IT) division deserves careful consideration. Established...
Scale Your Business
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Go to the Cloud: Cut Costs and Scale Your Business

New cloud computing companies can help you cut costs and rapidly scale your business for launch, rapid expansion or even franchising. Help ensure your business is free to redirect its resources for exceptional service, delivery and product innovation giving you a long-term competitive advantage in the market: Trim your startup costs: Setting up the necessary technology is...
The Cloud
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6 Tips for Transitioning Your Business to the Cloud

Nowadays, more and more businesses are beginning to rely on cloud technology. However, according to CompTIA’s Fifth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing Study, 63 percent of U.S. companies that transitioned to the cloud said that the process required significant effort. Transitioning your business to the cloud can be challenging, but these tips should help make the process...
Cloud Computing
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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Startup Company

Cloud computing offers startup businesses plenty of competitive advantages in today's challenging business market. Most importantly, it helps cut costs, which is imperative to the success of oftentimes budget-ridden SMBs. Cloud computing provides these businesses with the distributive IT hardware and software that helps to save on the company’s infrastructure. This allows business owners to...
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Cloud Computing Affects Almost Every Business

Guides to help you understand how the "Cloud" can support your business Cloud helps support a new business in many ways, offering scalable work tools which are cost effective and easy to implement. It's also more secure and problem-free than older, locally-based alternatives. Most businesses will probably already have thought about the cloud, but there...
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Switching To A Cloud-Based Help Desk? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Cloud: A must for your help desk Cloud computing has been an instrumental asset for companies in a multitude of industries, but with its evolution, it is perhaps the most useful for businesses catering clients from a customer-service standpoint. If your company provides customer support around the clock, you know it is critical to...
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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Keeping it in the cloud The cloud is so much more than a trend – it’s a new way of doing business. Market research firm In-Stat predicts that businesses in the United States alone will spend more than $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services by the end of 2014. With good reason...