A Dish To Pass

At this time of year, you might bake cookies, or make Aunty Betty’s Crab Dip to take to a gathering. I’ve been considering the significance of the dish we choose to pass.

When you taste something really good, you remember who brought it. You might even ask for the recipe.

Back to business: What you bring when you visit clients, or what you send as a Christmas gift can become a sort of signature, just like Aunt Betty’s crab dip.

There is a man in Detroit named Bill Burton who runs the Detroit Radio Advertising Group. Whenever he visits a radio station, he brings donuts. Everyone knows this, and it has become his signature. Now, I don’t know if you want to be known for donuts or crab dip, but you do want to be remembered, so keep in mind it might not hurt to be remembered for something good.

I have two requests. Would you please post your best "dish to pass" recipe. And will you share your business signature. Tell how you chose it and what kind of response you get. Once I dig it up, I’ll add the recipe for Aunt Betty’s Crab Dip. It’s great.

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