Are you Utilizing Text Messaging?

Text messaging is becoming more prevalent everyday. How many people do you know who communicate via text? Chances are, it’s a large amount of people. Companies have taken notice and are now using texting for various uses some of which include:

• Coupons
• Gift card redemption
• Receiving to-go orders
• Reminding loyal customers of promotions
• Processing donations

Industries that seem to be gaining the most through text messaging are hospitality, retail and non-profits. Although these industries may be leading the way, it is a good idea to research if text messaging campaigns can work for your company.

The costs of printing coupons can add up fast, and sending coupons through SMS can be quite inexpensive. Youstring for example has a starter package for SMS that allows you to send 500 messages for only $5 and for $20 you can send 2250 messages. If you are a retailer you can integrate your POS system to accept these promotional codes that would appear on these type of coupons. All the customer needs to do is show their coupon to the cashier to redeem their coupon. Some fast food chains that have already implemented SMS coupons are: Wendy’s, Burger King, Papa John’s and Dairy Queen.

If you have ever lost a gift card you know how frustrating it can be, retailers like Target have taken notice and implemented a way for consumers to redeem their gift cards through their cell phone. If you receive a Target gift card all you need to do is go to their website and register your gift card. Once you do this you will be sent a text message that has a 2D bar code. When you get to the checkout line simply bring up your bar code and the cashier can scan the text.

Freeing up your employees from answering the phone can help with your ticket times if you are a food retailer. Places like Subway have been able to free up their associates from answering the phone by accepting to-go orders that are sent through text.

With recent tragedies like the Haiti and Chile earthquakes the Red Cross is able to accept donations via text, making the donation process much easier. This trending way to receive donations could change the way people view telemarketing services, since traditionally many non-profits use this technique to solicit donations.

Texting can be a less invasive way to reach your audience at a much lower cost than other traditional tactics. Taking a step back and seeing if you can utilize texting into your marketing strategy may be a useful and cost effective way to get your message out to your target audience.

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