Original and Targeted, BtoB Content Equals Sales

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Are you writing original, BtoB content specific to your target market?

With so much content on the Internet today, it’s easy to “copy and paste” information just to post something and check that off of your “to do” list.

But don’t do it!

Sure. It’s easy, but you are missing out on a competitive advantage to tell your story and stand out from others. Bob Bly wrote about this recently in Target Marketing, “B-to-B Insights: Sometimes Old School is Better,” and it got me thinking. Don’t be a “lazy writer.” Instead, take the time to do the appropriate research, write the appropriate content and optimize it accordingly. But you may be asking…

How Do You Write BtoB Content That Works Without Wasting Time?

While it’s important to take the appropriate amount of time to provide valuable information to your customers, you don’t need to waste resources. Here are a few tips to help you write better copy that will actually boost sales.

1. Think before you write.

Duh. This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people do not plan before they write. Your articles, blogs, newsletters, e-mails, etc. should be part of an overall, content-marketing plan depending on your specific goals and timelines.

Before writing anything, it’s essential to know why you are writing it and what outcome you want to produce. If not, you are simply writing to write, and that’s a waste of time.

 2. What does your audience want?

Look at your Website analytics, customer-survey data, social-media results, competitor information, and more. Compile research and know your customers and industry backwards and forwards… on a regular basis.

This way, you will be able to give your customers current and valuable information they will want to view and share with others.

3. Is your content specific?

When writing content, focus on a specific, single message.

What are you trying to say and what results are you looking for?
How can you provide that information in an interesting way that is not too “salesy” and relates directly to the unique benefits your products and services have to offer?


4. What are your SEO keyword phrases?

If you are not including search engine optimization (SEO) keyword phrases in your content and optimizing it accordingly, please find someone who can do this for you, or get the appropriate training.

More than likely, your competition is taking advantage of SEO. And if you don’t, you are losing many customers to the competition whose information is showing up at the top of online searches.

SEO is no longer an option. It’s a MUST for all competitive businesses.

5. Are sales increasing?

Once your content goes live, does it actually produce sales?

At the end of your writing, it’s wise to include a link to a landing page or more information. This is the call-to-action where potential customers can discover more about a specific product or service and actually make a purchase.

After your content posts, check the Website analytics for your various, landing-pages. How are they performing? What works best?

Use this information to change your copy and BtoB content-strategy accordingly. This way, you can write content that gives customers what they want… and actually increase sales.

BtoB SEO Content is Important.

Potential customers look at your Website pages, social-media, videos, e-mail, and other content to figure out whether or not they want to purchase your products and services. If you don’t make your content an important part of your overall, marketing plan, you are losing customers to the competition.

Take the time to conduct research, focus on your goals, write specific and unique content with SEO, and check the results. This way, you can use your content to actually boost sales without wasting time, money or effort.

What are you going to do today to boost sales with BtoB content?

 For more information with your content-marketing strategy, please write to me here or visit www.rembrandtwrites.com

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