Entrepreneurs Capture the Flag for Smarts & Prizes

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We’ve been running a daily contest the past two weeks at StartupNation.com (there are still 2 days left!) and awarding daily prizes leading up to a Grand Prize drawing. The winner gets $1,000 to go toward starting and growing their small business.

The really cool thing is that we have been getting overwhelmingly “I LOVE THIS CONTEST” reactions from people. I have to say that I’m a little surprised. Of course, you go into such a promotion thinking that you’re doing something that will catch the interest of your target audience, so it’s not that I expected people not to like it. I just wasn’t expecting such passionate positive love!

So what happened? I’m convinced that it’s a combination of two things that entrepreneurs are driven by:

1. Competition
2. Learning

We hid a flag icon on the StartupNation.com website every day and provided a daily clue to find & “capture” the flag. We also offered up a tip with each clue that offered a suggestion on how to take best advantage of all the smarts available at StartupNation.

It looks like this is a killer combination. Give an entrepreneur a challenge while telling her that she’s gonna get smarter during the process, and you’ve got raving fans!

(By the way, blogging while listening to The Gap Band can be hazardous to your health. But it sure got my blood pumping!)

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