5 Clues that You Need Salesforce

Here are 5 reasons that may indicate that you are ready to move up to Salesforce as your contact and lead management (CRM) provider. Ask yourself if these statements apply to your needs. If so, you may want to investigate Salesforce to see if it’s right for your company.

1. You want a system from a trusted company with many satisfied users. Salesforce has the largest market share of users in the CRM space.  There are many satisfied customers and a wealth of user forums for your reference. Salesforce is a trusted company with many satisfied clients.

2.  You want a reliable, hosted CRM solution. You may be realizing that its time to move to the Web. Salesforce is a hosted solution and with it come all of the benefits of utilizing a system in the cloud.  You won’t have to worry about hardware or hardware upgrades, data backup and releasing new software versions to your company.  All you need to access your Salesforce system is Internet access. It is also accessible through mobile apps.

3. You expect your CRM solution to expand and grow over time. With Salesforce you can start out small and even customize the solution for your company early on and then have it grow over time by moving to a more advanced edition (there are 5 Editions).

4. You want the flexibility of wide and varied customizations. Salesforce has multiple custom modules to choose from depending on your business needs. The number of customizations and custom functionality grows daily, and you are sure to find the customizations out there without having to write the code yourself.

5. You want access to consultants to aid you in your implementation. There are many independent Salesforce consultants out there ready to help with analyzing your needs and determining your solution. In addition, they will consult on customization tasks and implementing your solution. These consultants can also aid you in growing your system over time.

If most, or all of these statements ring true for you, consider yourself clued in that you should investigate Salesforce for your CRM needs.  And if these statements are way beyond your needs, then check out many of the simpler, cheaper solutions out here: http://www.comparz.com/reviews/crm.

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