Google Enters The Chrome Wars

Hi gang,

Well, Google pulled off another surprise yesterday and announced that they have been working on a web browser, named Chrome.  They made the beta available for download to the general public and within 1 day, Google has 1% of the browser market!

There are a ton of possibilites here for Chrome to integrate into all of Google’s web apps and move us all towards complete web based computing.

By the way, as a tech geek,  I find it really interesting that 20 years ago, everything was Mainframe – meaning central servers did all the work and your computer was dumber than a box of rocks.  Then we had the PC revolution, or decentralized computing – your computer got real smart and servers weren’t needed as much.   And now, 20 years later,  the web has come along and we will soon be WebFrame computing again.

But I digress…

So here’s the link to download Chrome.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think of it.





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