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Focus on Content Strategy Instead

It’s summer, and that means you’ll want to spend more time away from your office. But with all of the recent SEO rankings, news about the search engines changing their algorithms, you may think you need to put in more hours to study these changes and act accordingly.

Well, I have good news. Since the search engines are ALWAYS changing, you don’t need to worry about the specific updates. Instead, focus on providing valuable content to your target market.

Here are three questions to answer to help you increase online awareness… and more important, sales!

1. What is your content strategy?

If you don’t already have one, write down what you want to accomplish with your content and the type of content that will help you reach those goals.

Create an editorial calendar describing the topic, how it will be delivered (blog, e-mail campaign, newsletter, etc.), how you will measure the results, and who is responsible. If possible, create ideas for the next, six months.

2. What do your customers want?

Do you really know what answers and information your current and potential customers want right now? If not, look at your Website analytics. What topics and content are they clicking on most? What are they talking about via social media?

If you have no idea what your customers want, post a short and simple survey using one of the free, survey tools out there and ask them.

This way, you can give your targeted audience-members what they want, when they want it. And note that this monitoring should be part of your regular, weekly activities.

3. What unique information can you provide?

Once you know what your customers want, give it to them! Provide unique reports, statistics, interviews, podcasts, blogs, and more that only your business and experts can give.

By offering valuable and interesting information without “selling” something, you’ll increase credibility and word-of-mouth.

The Key is to Provide Unique Solutions.

By focusing on the needs of your customers, instead of SEO algorithms, you can provide the content your targeted audience-members want, how and when they need it. If you conduct research and provide valuable and unique content specific to your target market, word will spread.

You won’t need to worry about being noticed by the search engines. Instead, people will start talking about your business, sharing your information with others and visiting your Website for more details. This leads to credibility, long-term customer loyalty… and most important, sales!

With this in mind, stop worrying about SEO. Instead, focus on providing valuable and unique content for your customers. You just may be surprised at the results.

What are you going to do today to give your customers what they want?

To help boost your sales with SEO BtoB content strategy, please contact me here or at

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