It’s Official: iPhone For Verizon Hits the Street Feb 10th

Hi gang,

Well, the wait is over, and the competition is about to begin.  On, there is now a link to the Verizon iphone

I say “Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!”

Competition is a good thing – it forces everyone involved to bring their A game.  Personally, I think AT&T has been holding steady at their C game for a while now.  I’ve commented before that having the iPhone run on AT&T is like owning a Lamborghini that runs on apple juice. I will probably immediately jump ship to Verizon, damn the fees.  What really sealed the deal for me with AT&T was CES last year – we had an entire city of people with completely useless iPhones because AT&T didn’t bother to think about capacity in Las Vegas during an ELECTRONICS show.  Sad, and pretty awful on the PR front.

For those undecided or looking at iPhone for the first time,  there’s a great comparison between AT&T and Verizon service and plans at  Just go here

So, what do you think?  Will you be switching from AT&T to Verizon iPhone? Do you think this is a wake up call for AT&T to step up service?

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Kevin Harmon

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