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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Big Tech Showing Positive Revenue Growth Amid COVID-19 (Episode 49)

The big tech companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, have proven their staying power through the COVID-19 crisis. All five have seen positive revenue growth over the same quarter in 2019. On this morning's WJR Business Beat, Jeff dives into the Statista study results further, including the following growth over Q1 2019: Amazon up...
startupnation business beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Big Five Tech Companies (Episode 32)

In a time when small businesses need help more than ever, the big five tech companies are stepping up. These five companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, are not only providing additional resources to small business, but also much needed funding. As reported in yesterday, these five companies have a combined market...
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5 Smart Tools All Remote Entrepreneurs Need in Order to Succeed

In the age of startups, most of us know working at home isn’t just a privilege — it’s a necessity. After all, most of the world’s biggest companies didn’t start in a board room or a sea of cubicles. Google, Apple and Amazon all got their starts in the humblest of places: the garage. It’s...
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Why Empathy Makes Your Customers Love You More

The following is excerpted from The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success (A Playbook for Brands, Leaders, and Teams) by Maria Ross, 2019, Page Two When you encourage empathy among your workforce and parlay that mindset outward to customers, your company will thrive. Why? Because empathetic businesses better understand...
Rapid Finance
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Get Cash Fast: The Truth About Small Business Financing

The process of getting a traditional bank loan for your small business is frustrating. It’s nearly impossible to get a banker’s attention if you have questions. You are expected to fill out a long, complex application on your own, submit all of the supporting documentation that is required, and then wait. And wait. And wait....
wild thinking mclaren
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Who or What is Your Brand’s Nemesis? A McLaren Case Study

The following is adapted from "Wild Thinking" by Nick Liddell and Richard Buchanan ©2019 and reproduced with permission from Kogan Page Ltd. StartupNation reader exclusive! Save 20 percent on the book with code WILDCARD20 at Marty Neumeier is a big fan of picking fights. “Zag” is his recipe book for making brands radically different, and in...
getting funded
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Show Me the Money: 5 Myths Keeping You From Getting Funded

Imagine you were an investor in 1977 when the average computer filled a room almost the size of an auditorium and was used only by large corporations. Then, imagine if two young technologists came to you and said they’d built a computer that sits on your desk with a typewriter keyboard.  "We call it 'Apple,'”...
creative clarity
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Creative Clarity: The Elements of a Creative Culture

The following is excerpted from "Creative Clarity: A Practical Guide for Bringing Creative Thinking Into Your Company" by Jon Kolko, used with permission from Jon Kolko, © 2017 When we think of creative companies, we often picture Nerf darts and bean bags, and we associate creativity with sexy consumer companies like Facebook or Apple... You can even...
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What Many Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Known Earlier

I’ve researched and taught innovation strategy for 20 years, and I’ve spent a great deal of time advising startups, reviewing business plans and helping people think through their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas along the way. I’ve also witnessed how resulting businesses progressed; many were abandoned, some became modest-sized and a select few soared to multi-million-dollar...
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Start a Successful Business: Debunking the Myth of Innovation

The following is excerpted from "Start a Successful Business: Expert Advice to Take Your Startup from Idea to Empire" by Colleen DeBaise © 2018 AMACOM/AMA All rights reserved. Published by AMACOM Books Division of American Management Association 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 “My idea must be a breakthrough.” Many people equate the idea of innovation...
shift ahead
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How to Know When Making a Change is Necessary to Adapt and Grow

The following is excerpted from "Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World" by Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel © 2018 Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel. All rights reserved. Published by AMACOM Books. Division of American Management Association 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. The difference between driving a manual transmission...
side hustle
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3 Reasons Why a Side Hustle Can Make a Huge Impact in Your Career

While a business degree can be valuable to your career growth, there are plenty of real-world examples that make it obvious that a degree isn’t the be-all end-all to a burgeoning career. Bill Gates famously dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft. Steve Jobs dropped out of college and went on to found Apple, Pixar and...
business name
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4 Ways Your Business Name Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your business name is more than just a buzzy moniker. While a great business model is certainly a key component to success, awesome names like PayPal, Twitter, SalesForce, Uber and Apple surely had something to do with these amazing companies’ rise to success. You too can harness a great name to start your business off on the...
hardware startup
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Launching a Product: How Promising Hardware Startups Can Beat the Odds

Once labeled the ugly stepchild of venture capital, hardware startups have historically experienced difficulties securing funding. In 2015, hardware companies received less than a quarter of the $4.5 billion VCs invested in software. The game is quite complex and there are multiple cards at play between designing, engineering, manufacturing and leading a product to market....
Steve Case
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AOL Co-Founder Steve Case on AppleLink in The Third Wave [Book Excerpt]

The following excerpt was selected exclusively for StartupNation readers from "The Third Wave" by Steve Case. The excerpt shares Case's process pitching his startup company, Quantum Computer Services, to Apple, and the journey that followed. Copyright © 2016 by Steve Case. Excerpted with permission by Simon & Schuster, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. The pitch resonated well with them....
Ken Segall
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Former Apple Consultant Ken Segall on the Power of Simplicity [Book Excerpt]

Is there anyone in business who doesn’t recognize the power of simplicity? It’s an inescapable fact of life that human beings are attracted to simplicity and turned off by complexity. When I started my life in advertising, my mentors drilled into me the power of simpler, focused messages. I thought I’d absorbed that lesson well,...
company brand
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Keeping The Brand Fresh – Apple Improves Its Shelf Life

Apple Tunes in on its Core Strengths When it comes down to it, brands are built on one of two foundations... their products/services or their strengths/attributes. Most startups, in a rush to go to market, unwittingly choose the former, wrapping their company identity tightly around their (then) current products. While doing this has short term...