Making Newsletter Topics Fun for Readers

I just received one of my favorite newsletters today. It is from a chiropractor I went to awhile back, her newsletter is full of the new happenings at the office but it also contains a monthly fun fact (usually something totally cool you learn about your arm or leg) and a healthy recipe.

Newsletters are the reason why people keep coming back from more. I know exactly where I am going the next time I need a chiropractor.  This is your chance to engage your audience, think about connecting with each person.

Fun Newsletter Topic Ideas:

A Message from the Expert: Pick a topic you know a lot about. This is a great way to insert some of your own personality in your newsletter while also providing a benefit to your readers as funny or practical as it maybe.

Customer Testimonials: Try a simple quote from a happy customer about how you helped them or a link to a video testimonial that you host on YouTube. Switch it up in each newsletter so your customers know they weren’t staged.

Event Schedule: Link to the event page on your website or directly to an industry event you plan to attend. What about carrying a bag of prizes with you and making it a Where’s Waldo game for people to come find you.

Quick Fact: What’s the most popular selling product last month? What do your customers view as the greatest challenge for them next year?  Who was the employee of the month?

Newsletters are a great way to get in front of your customers on a regular basis. Make sure to keep the information fresh and relevant to keep them coming back for more.

Jenna Jantsch, Marketing Specialist, VerticalResponse

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