Personalization Can Make the Difference

Adding personalization to your email marketing campaigns is just one of those extra steps you can do to connect with each of your customers, especially if you have kept good records on your recipients actions. And we all know how far that extra step can go towards increasing your bottom line.

A simple example of a way to add personalization into your email would be using your recipient’s name in your content.

“Hi Jill,

Welcome to this months edition of our newsletter.”

A more advanced option could be adding in company name or a product your customer has purchased.

“Hi Jill,

Thanks for visiting our site and purchasing the XXX Software. We hope that your company, Smith’s Lumbar Yard, enjoys the added administrative capabilities it offers. We also thought you might be interested in XXXV2 Software, to help you with accounting. We are offering a 10% discount if you purchase before June 30th.”

This is a great way to encourage your customers to buy additional products and to make them feel appreciated. Now don’t think about typing each of these emails out one by one, especially if you have hundreds of people on your list. Most Email Service Providers have the ability to add customization as long as you can identify the correct fields.

Anyone have a great example of how they are using personalization? How is it working for you?

Jenna Jantsch, Marketing Specialist, VerticalResponse

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