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Woman using a mobile phone to pay with purchase with a credit card
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Email Marketing Optimization for eCommerce

Email marketing in eCommerce is like sending digital postcards or newsletters to people who might want to buy something from your online store. It's been around since the 1990s, when the internet started becoming popular,...
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LISTEN: The Power of Email Marketing

When email is used as intended, it's one of the most powerful channels of all. According to a new study from Hunger Rush, 82% have made a purchase directly because of an email they've received....
Woman using a laptop on her bed
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3 Simple Tactics to Boost Email Clicks

Ask any email marketer and they’ll confess: boosting email clicks is the biggest challenge they face. While increasing open rates seems to be easier to achieve, getting people to click on your email content isn’t...
customer acquisition
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10 Ways to Boost Your Startup’s Customer Acquisition

Many startups struggle with finding and retaining customers. Having a sustainable and systematic customer acquisition strategy is an essential component of success for any organization, especially as a startup. Once you’ve implemented the basics to...
digital tools
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13 Digital Tools Every New Business Needs

Modern startups run on digital tools. From communicating with customers, collaborating internally or protecting their assets, entrepreneurs should know that there’s a digital platform or service for everything. The truth is, those that don’t embrace...
grow business online
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21 Ways to Grow Your New Business Online

If you’re not growing your business online in the current climate, you will likely leave a lot of money on the table. As 2021 begins, we’re witnessing a fast-changing landscape. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,...