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How to Get a Great ROI from Your Content

It’s Spring.

Is your copy ready to boost sales?

It’s the first day of spring, and that means it’s time for new beginnings and fresh starts. With this in mind, when was the last time you reviewed your marketing content?

Are you getting a great return-on-your-investment from the messaging you are presenting?

Are potential customers actually reading your content?

If not, there are three simple things you can do right now to get better results from all of your marketing copy:

1. Shorten it.

People like to read short lines. Review your copy and reduce all of your sentences and paragraphs.

Get to the point!

Your customers will know exactly what you have to offer – right away.

2. Simplify.

Make your copy easy to understand. When you are finished writing, read what you wrote aloud.

Does it make sense?

Have someone else read it. Did it make sense to them?

Your copy should be easy to read and understand without much effort.

3. Create a Call-to-Action

At the end of your short paragraphs, what do you want your readers to do next?

Create a simply pathway for them to follow.

Add a link to another blog entry on your site, a landing page, a video, your Shopping Cart, or something else.

Spell out the actions you want your customers to take.

Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty with Content Strategy

These are just a few things you can do right now to improve all of your marketing content.

They may seem simple, but they work.

After all, content strategy is a big deal these days. Customers want valuable information they can use to solve their problems… so give it to them! Develop a strategy for the kind of content you are going to provide. Offer a simple, call-to-action for each piece of copy, and then track the results.

Give your customers information that is simple to reach and follow. Then, they will want to share it with their friends.

This means you’ll see online buzz and sales increase fast.

So what are you going to do today to improve your copy?

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