Small business owners are contestants in the real American Idol

30 May 2006

I never watched American Idol. But I’m sure many of you have. I want to know if the show has anything to teach us about running our businesses and our lives. Without ever watching, here are a couple of things that I surmised from the media hype:

1) Bullies get a lot of attention. They make themselves feel important by belittling others.

2) The best person doesn’t always win.

3) One bad day can make a difference.

4) Losing what seems to be the whole enchilada, in retrospect may be the best thing that can happen.

5) The American public votes for candidates of all sorts for all the wrong reasons.

6) Competition is really fun to watch and be part of.

7) It makes you want to get into the game.

What do you think?

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