The Power of “Track Record Marketing”

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I ran a new route this morning. I was weaving through the neighborhood and come across a variety of homes for sale. Naturally, the homes have "For Sale" signs out in the front yard.

But I noticed that not all For Sale signs are equal. I also learned the power of something I'll refer to as "Track Record Marketing."

To illustrate the point for you here, when I got home from the jog I jumped in the car and drove back out to snap some photos of three For Sale signs.

For Sale sign #1: "Good" – there's a number to call if you're interested.


For Sale sign #2: "Better" – there's a number and a real estate agent's name. At least she's creating some awareness of her brand and the kinds of homes she represents.


For Sale sign #3: "Best" – this one takes the cake! You get the name and number to call (photoshopped out by me) and the POWER of track record – she sold this house for this owner and it could've been yours!!!


The point is, we perceive this real estate agent as being best in class. She recognized the most valuable moment to put that For Sale sign to work for her personally – when she could boast about the fact that she actually sells homes. Just look at her track record staring you in the face. I bet she will get more calls from people interested in selling their homes during the few weeks that this TOO LATE! sign is up than she did during the entire listing period for the home.

That's the power of using track record in your marketing efforts.

And that's "Track Record Marketing."

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