Retaining Good Staff

Retaining Good Staff [Infographic]

Employees are the backbone of a business, so it is important that they remain satisfied in their job.

As many employers have faced losing their best employees, Instant Offices has come up with an infographic outlining how to avoid a high staff turnover by knowing what triggers your team and how to value them. In an improving economy, retaining good staff has become a top priority for businesses. This is because the average turnover cost of a mid-level employee is 150 percent of their annual salary due to the loss of contacts and skills, as well as the time it takes to interview and vet candidates.

Helen Taylor, head of HR at Instant Offices, recommends that if you have talented, hardworking employees, it’s likely that other companies have noticed them. Remember that you have to sell your company to your employees as much as they sell themselves to you. Retain team members by reminding them about the advantages of working at your business and highlighting what makes your office culture special. Do you hand out bonuses? Do you have regular staff socials? Make sure your employees know the perks.

Retaining Good Staff

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