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Professional Employer Organization
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How a Professional Employer Organization Can Help Your Startup

Starting a business is no easy task. The range of possibilities for new opportunities in today’s modern world is staggering, particularly with the presence of consistently evolving technology. Small business owners are constantly under pressure to achieve short term goals as well as attract and retain valuable team members to grow efficiently and make their...
WJR Business Beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Study Shows Small Businesses Put Employees First (Episode 216)

On this morning's WJR Business Beat, Jeff discusses the recently released Small Business Recovery Report conducted by Kabbage, an American Express Company. When asked which milestone would best indicate their business has recovered from the pandemic, the number one response of those surveyed was paying their employees their full wages. Tune in to the Business Beat,...
testing new hires
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The Case for Testing Your Company’s Potential New Hires

The following is adapted from “Fireproof” by Mike Morse Not many people enjoy taking tests when applying for a new job. They aren’t used to it, and assessments, whether for IQ, behavioral tendencies, cognitive skills, or more, are time consuming and stressful. On the other side, many firms avoid giving tests to potential new hires for...
emotional intelligence
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3 Things Testing for Emotional Intelligence Can Reveal About Your Law Firm’s Employees

The following is adapted from “Fireproof” by Mike Morse Have you ever wondered why some lawyers excel at attracting and keeping clients? How some have a knack for communicating or consistently make ethical decisions? The answer is that they have high emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to control, express and interpret emotions....
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Why Your Employees Are Your Best Marketing Asset

For many startups, marketing is a problem. Even the word can send shivers through a founder’s spine. It conjures up images of expensive PR companies and slick advertising, big glitzy campaigns and gimmicky launch events. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Far from being out in the cold when it comes to marketing,...
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What Your Startup Needs to Do to Stay Compliant in the New Year

With 2018 right around the corner, as businesses wind down Q4 by conducting the year-in-reviews, they’re also gearing up their to-do lists in order to maintain compliance in the New Year. Whether you just started up a small business this year or are a seasoned entrepreneur, here’s what you need to check off of your...
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What You Need to Know About Taxes Before Starting a Business

Starting a business requires time and preparation, and preparing to meet tax obligations can affect many of the steps you must take when you open your business. In fact, you must deal with several items related to taxes before you even can obtain your business license. The earliest stages of opening a business usually involve writing...
HR firm
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Should Your Startup Hire an HR Firm?

Most small business owners understand the frustration of spending time on non-revenue generating activities. Be it recruiting and compensation or benefits and training, managers and directors can spend a significant proportion of their workweek engaged in necessary but time-consuming human resources tasks. The answer may lie in outsourcing part or all of your human resource...
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Staff: How to Find the Right People to Accelerate Your Startup

In the early stages of building a startup, your staff is everything. They are responsible for your output, set the company culture and can be the missing ingredient needed to take your business from fledgling to fully funded. Angel investors will often tell you that they are just as interested in the people as they...
Retaining Good Staff
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Retaining Good Staff [Infographic]

Employees are the backbone of a business, so it is important that they remain satisfied in their job. As many employers have faced losing their best employees, Instant Offices has come up with an infographic outlining how to avoid a high staff turnover by knowing what triggers your team and how to value them. In an improving...
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Hiring the Right Person:12 Tips for Your Start-up

12 Tips for Hiring the Right Person for your Start-up Managing a start-up would force any one to take on different job descriptions. One of these new challenges would be learning to become a manager of human resources. In other words, an entrepreneur with a start-up will need to learn about hiring the right people....
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Employee Recruitment Strategies Have to be Blend of the Old and the New

Blending old and new employee recruitment strategies ManpowerGroup Solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing, the global leader in the industry within ManpowerGroup, asserts that recruiters must have a broad set of hard and soft skills to attract the right talent and enable organizations to maintain a competitive advantage. Automated Recruiting and the Human Factor, a new insights...
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Why every startup should have a baby boomer on the team

Startups and Baby Boomers: What's the connection? American Express’s Open Forum has advised that companies may want to hire an older worker over a younger one because of their “strong work ethic, loyalty and communications skills.” But, what about a startup? Some may have been hesitant to hire baby boomers or seniors as their corporate...
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Your employees represent YOU

My fiance Suzanne and I went to a movie last week and wanted to purchase the tickets before grabbing a quick dinner prior to the show. It was a boutique theater that plays "artsy" films which we love (the film we saw is Mad Hot Ballroom, a documentary on the New York City public school...