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A Startup Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Is your startup making use of Amazon’s advertising functionality? Heads up: you don’t need to sell through the platform to do so. That’s right: Amazon has opened up its marketing wing to non-sellers, so you can compete directly with those who already operate on Amazon.

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If you sell a tangible product, you can get your ad in Amazon’s search results or on similar product pages by using the Sponsored Brands, Products or Display option. And, if you choose to sell directly on Amazon, you can set up a store and advertise directly.

If you want a piece of the pie but you don’t sell a tangible product, don’t despair. You can use Display Ads (image-based) or Video Ads to promote your service to Amazon’s customers through its website and its owned properties, such as IMBd, as well as through its devices, such as Amazon Fire TV.

In many cases, you only pay for the impressions or clicks that your ad gets. That means you can efficiently use your marketing budget to develop a winning strategy that mines those Amazon clicks to deliver revenue to your business.

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The deeper you look into Amazon’s advertising options, and online marketing as a whole (think: keywords, negative keywords, and SEO), the more profitable your marketing will be.

To get you started, take a look at the infographic below:

amazon advertising

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