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John writes on behalf of NeoMam Studios. A digital nomad specializing in leadership, digital media and pets, his passions include world cinema and biscuits. A native Englishman, he is always on the move, but can most commonly be spotted in the UK, Norway, and the Balkans.
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A Startup Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Is your startup making use of Amazon’s advertising functionality? Heads up: you don’t need to sell through the platform to do so. That’s right: Amazon has opened up its marketing wing to non-sellers, so you can compete directly with those who already operate on Amazon. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories:...
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Why Your Startup Needs its Own Facebook Chatbot

Paying for additional team members can be a real struggle while you’re launching your startup. But get your customer service game wrong, and it won’t be long before your startup closes its doors. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure your first customers get the service they need without the need to add inordinate numbers...
business name
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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Business Name [Infographic]

You’ve come up with an excellent idea for a startup – congratulations! The opportunities for small businesses to succeed these days are manifold, yet so are the potential obstacles. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the area of marketing, and your number one marketing tool is your business name. For new customers (and even returning...
Business partner
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How to Choose the Right Business Partner [Infographic]

Starting a new business can be the most exciting time of your life. When you’re sitting on a big idea, it’s natural to want to share it. Plus, you’re likely to need a bit support from other people if you’re to get the thing off the ground. Most importantly, you may need a business partner:...