Why Your Startup Needs its Own Facebook Chatbot

Paying for additional team members can be a real struggle while you’re launching your startup. But get your customer service game wrong, and it won’t be long before your startup closes its doors. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure your first customers get the service they need without the need to add inordinate numbers of sales reps to your payroll: artificial intelligence.

We’re talking about chatbots. More specifically, Facebook chatbots. A Facebook chatbot can do the job of a team of customer service reps, since most customer enquiries tend not to be unique: they’re typically questions that could be found in the FAQs. Yes, you need your chatbot to be effective, and you need a human on hand to deal with more complex queries and to keep an eye on the bots, but your chatbot can help your startup work smarter, not harder.

Customer service doesn’t just mean answering inquiries, either. It means offering and completing sales. A Facebook chatbot should be able to make offers to individuals and groups of customers based on what you know about them. And it can answer questions about the checkout stage, such as what forms of payment you accept, or whether a particular transaction has been completed.

It can also let your customers know if there’s a delay in service, the kind of thing that haunts so many startups while they iron out their initial problems. An informed customer is a connected customer, and it’s time to connect them with your Facebook chatbot.

Not sure how to get started? Check out the new guide to setting up a Facebook chatbot below.


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