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How to Use a Messenger Chatbot to Automate FAQs About Your Business

Chatbots are an entrepreneur's secret weapon. They can engage and assist your prospects or customers on autopilot, saving you precious time and resources. So, what is a chatbot, exactly? It's simply a piece of software that can be set up to automatically converse back and forth with a customer. While bots can be used to...
online store
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10 Tips to Optimize Your Online Store for More Leads and Sales

We can expect online shopping to continue growing this year and beyond, especially as consumers are increasingly looking for more convenience and better options during the COVID-19 crisis. Even Statista predicts that the e-commerce industry is set to become a $4.2 trillion industry by the end of 2020. It's not enough to simply have an...
email marketing
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4 Email Marketing Promotion Tactics to Boost Your Next Piece of Content

Are you crafting amazing pieces of content? You know, that legendary 10x content everyone keeps talking about? If so, that’s a great start. But what good is incredible content if no one sees it? All of the precious time you spent creating that perfect post won’t yield any results if you don’t promote it properly. No matter...
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Why Your Startup Needs its Own Facebook Chatbot

Paying for additional team members can be a real struggle while you’re launching your startup. But get your customer service game wrong, and it won’t be long before your startup closes its doors. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure your first customers get the service they need without the need to add inordinate numbers...
customer support
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5 Ways Startups Can Provide Authentic Customer Support

Customer support is in a state of revival, which is a good thing. Companies that lack basic levels of customer service and sympathy for their customers run the risk of being berated online. Bad experiences of customer support are now being recorded and spread like wildfire on social media, forcing companies to put customer service...
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3 Marketing Lessons My Company Blog Has Taught Me

Here is a sentence I never thought I’d write: I’ve been writing a small business blog for eight years! Having started my career path as a lawyer and then later transitioning into entrepreneurship and CEO of my own company, identifying as a blogger was a title I never imagined I’d have one day. This is...
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Tips for Constructing Your Digital Marketing Plan in 2018

Building your business from the ground up is both an exciting and stressful process. New businesses are fortunate in having more options than ever to reach a wider audience. But they're simultaneously cursed with greater competition than ever, as more and more businesses hop on the digital marketing bandwagon. Consumers want authentic and trustworthy brands...
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How to Harness the Power of IoT Without a Technical Background

Just a few years ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) was a wave only big businesses like General Electrics were riding on. When Nest was bought by Google for a whopping $3.2 billion, though, regular, non-tech people started to take notice of what our future was shaping up to be. Once fun gadgets like smart lights,...
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The Future of Content Marketing: 3 Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

As we look forward into 2018 and beyond, there are a number of technology trends that will shape the future of content marketing. New platforms, systems and tools are shaping the way that marketers and brands reach their audience. The prospect of a shifting landscape can be scary, but with the right understanding of coming...
Chatbot technology
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Chatbot Technology: Taking Advantage of AI’s Influence on Customer Interaction

Chatbot technology is nothing new — what’s new is the growing number of industries that are now able to take advantage of it. From taking a pizza order to building a strong financial portfolio, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot technology is becoming more functional and more prevalent than ever before. AI-capable machines can infer new...