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I hate my computer today.

There’s this new analytics software, you see. And it’s super great, I mean, way better than the Google Analytics that we’ve been using. Well, I should say that it’s super-great on Chuck’s computer. All it does to mine is render every other program I have running useless. There’s no reasonable explanation for why it works fine for Chuck & not for me. I’m not even interested in how it’s working for John. Just don’t want to even know.

But here’s what I’ve decided: It’s “go ahead & mess with your computer” day. You know, if one thing is messed up you might as well do all the other stuff like uninstalling the 14 programs that you haven’t used since last September and then defragmenting your hard drive & then install the new external sound card that you just got so that you can do brand new community podcasts right from your desk.

(You see how I slipped in a secret announcement there? You never know what you’ll find out in these blogs.)

It really didn’t take all that long to do and I’ve absolutely convinced myself that the computer is running much much faster. I mean, it MUST be, right?

So now I’m happy. I love my computer again.

Look how fickle I am. Can anyone relate?

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