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5 Industries With the Most Opportunities for Tech Startups

In 2017, Forbes compiled a list of the Next Billion Dollar Startups, revealing companies poised to become the fastest-growing within their industry. Of the startups profiled, 70 percent comprised the fintech, healthcare and biotech, data and analytics, logistics and new space industries. While many entrepreneurs may already have an understanding of these tech-related industries and what they...
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5 Simple and Free Tools to Build Your Startup from Scratch

Launching a startup can take a lot of time, effort and money, but building one from scratch takes even more. It takes time for people to notice and respond to a new product or service, and it takes even longer for a new business to establish itself as profitable and successful in the market. Though money...
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Use Analytic Data to Track Startup Success

Why Analytic Data is it Beneficial to Startups One of the most important things that you must understand in order to be a successful startup is how to use analytics to track your success. Analyzing the data can help you enhance the positive aspects and reduce the negative aspects of your business, increasing your bottom...
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Analytics & Quantity v. Quality

For better or worse, we live in a world full of numbers discussion.  No matter where you go, someone is chatting about exact quantities and numbers.  How many calories is that sandwich?  How many RPM's does that car do?  How much did you earn at your first job?  How many ounces did the baby drink...
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Tracking your email messages saves time and money

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have gone through all the necessary steps to create and develop a successful email marketing campaign. You have spent many hours putting together a great looking, well-designed newsletter, and have obtained numerous email addresses from your customers through your web site’s Sign-up form. You have even created an...
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A small business wrestling with software

I hate my computer today. There's this new analytics software, you see. And it's super great, I mean, way better than the Google Analytics that we've been using. Well, I should say that it's super-great on Chuck's computer. All it does to mine is render every other program I have running useless. There's no reasonable...
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Know your ”most valuable purchasers”!

A recent Nielsen/Netratings study indicates that a approximately 18% of online buyers account for almost a whopping half of total online spending. Nielsen/Netratings nicknamed this group of active and loyal buyers 'most valuable purchasers' or 'MVPs'. And the takeaway is that you've got to know who these customers are. If you are conducting ecommerce, make...