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5 Simple and Free Tools to Build Your Startup from Scratch

Launching a startup can take a lot of time, effort and money, but building one from scratch takes even more. It takes time for people to notice and respond to a new product or service, and it takes even longer for a new business to establish itself as profitable and successful in the market.

Though money plays a vital role in setting up and establishing a business, having access to the right tools can cut your costs dramatically. Here, we bring you the top five free tools to build your startup and reach new heights.

The best part? Most of these tools are simple to use and available for free!

Business Name Generator

Remember, your business name is the first thing to capture the attention of your users. It is something that takes the personality, USP and elements of your brand and showcases it to the world. However, coming up with a name that resonates well with audiences is no easy task. In fact, a fair share of experts believe that naming a business is one of the toughest jobs after product development. With the Go Spaces Business Name Generator tool, it’s easier than ever.

Business Name Generator

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Business Loan Calculator

Once you’ve named your business, it’s time to think about how you’re going to start operations. Seed capital is not something everyone is lucky to have. Needless to say, calculating loan amounts, interest rates and monthly installments can get very cumbersome. This Business Loan Calculator by will help you calculate how much you need to pay the bank monthly from a particular loan amount over any chosen time with applicable interest rate. Utilizing this tool, it’s easier than ever to plan your finances, which will help you run your business better.

Business Loan Calculator

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Content Idea Generator

Did you that know creating meaningful and useful content creates opportunity for conversions, whether you’re a new business or an established one? However, producing trendy content day in and day out can prove to be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned professionals. This is where the Portent Content Idea Generator tool provides an optimal solution. The tool not only gets you acquainted with trending and catchy content ideas, but also offers ideas that are 100 percent original and creative.

Content Idea Generator

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CRO & Analytics Tool

No matter what type of company you own, conversion is the highest leverage point for your business. But how do you optimize conversions, attract sales and boost your revenue quickly and conveniently? By utilizing TruConversion, the powerful and effective suite of conversion rate optimization tools. With this tool, you get access to the best conversion optimization and analytics tools including Heatmaps, Visitor Session Recordings, Conversion funnels, MicroSurvey, Customer Surveys and Form Analytics, all for free. Now it is easier than ever to perform all CRO and analytics tests to increase sales and boost revenue.

Analytics Tool

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Free Tools to Build Your Startup: Conclusion

You’ve just learned about the top five simple and free tools to take your new business from just another startup to the next big thing.

If you’ve been looking for free business tools to make operations easier and more convenient, there’s no better time than now! Though there are endless free tools that will help build your startup, these five are the most essential.

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