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How to Grow Your Small Business with the Help of Business Financing

Relying on organic growth to scale your business can be tricky and unpredictable, making it difficult to plan for the future. Rather than relying on outside factors, take control of your business, and learn how to grow your small business with the help of business financing. You’ll be surprised at the variety of ways you...
e-commerce business loan
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Traditional vs. Alternative: Which E-Commerce Business Loan is Best for Me?

E-commerce is the future of retail. E-commerce sales in 2020 accounted for 14% of all sales in the country, and it’s estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021. Every e-commerce business faces unique challenges, such as stiff competition, online compliance, delivery, lead generation and conversion. To overcome these hurdles, you...
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6 Funding Ideas for a First-Time Startup Founder

Finding cash for your new business venture may seem like a daunting task. With some high-profile startups boasting angel investment amounts in the millions, is it even likely that an unknown, fledgling business like yours can find funding to get off the ground? The quick answer is yes, although it may take some ingenuity and...
tax laws
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How the New Tax Laws Might Affect Your Startup’s Financing

Many entrepreneurs in the U.S. have been keeping up with the recent changes to the tax law, passed at the end of 2017 and championed as a boon for small business. However, if you were planning on launching a new business this year, you might wonder how these new tax laws might affect the financing...
Term loans
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A Quick Guide to Term Loans

From small business loans to business credit cards, there are many options available for entrepreneurs to finance their projects. When you have an investment opportunity that will create a steady stream of revenue, you’ll often find that a term loan provides several benefits. With term loans, a business owner borrows a lump sum from a...
Funding alternatives
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8 Funding Alternatives to Consider for Your Startup

When it comes to funding your startup, you may not know exactly where to start. While you could certainly seek out a small business loan, microloan or other program designed to get you the capital you need, there are other viable funding alternatives to get your business up and running. Should you be looking for funding,...
Build Your Startup
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5 Simple and Free Tools to Build Your Startup from Scratch

Launching a startup can take a lot of time, effort and money, but building one from scratch takes even more. It takes time for people to notice and respond to a new product or service, and it takes even longer for a new business to establish itself as profitable and successful in the market. Though money...
Outstanding Debt
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Does Outstanding Debt Affect Your Ability to Borrow?

Chances are you already know that having outstanding debt can affect your ability to secure additional borrowing. But are you aware that the type of debt can make a huge difference? Here’s an overview of different types of borrowing and how they can affect your creditworthiness. Business loans If you already have a business loan,...
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Bootstrap: Four Lessons I Learned After I Bought My Business

Bootstrapping: It ain't easy! It’s a fairly well known fact that I didn’t start MyCorp – though I’ve worked with the company in different roles since its beginning, I bought the company and became its CEO back in 2009 when its then owner, Intuit, chose to divest and go in another direction. The trouble with...
Startup Funding
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Raise Capital Online for Your Foodie Dream

Prepping Your Food Business To Raise Capital Online Gil Michel-Garcia has mastered the technique of crowdfunding, raising more than $1 million for his food-based company. Through popular websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Internet has provided entrepreneurs with the tools to raise money for new products and projects. Michel-Garcia, 45, urges food and beverage...
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Finance Your Startup: Seven Realistic Ways

Looking for a way to finance your startup? One of your highest priorities as an entrepreneur is getting your new business funded. Without funds, you won’t be able launch and execute your business. So how do you finance your startup? The funding process is inherently difficult and can be challenging for some. However, you can...
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Small business loans grubstake entrepreneurs

Huh? I subscribe to a daily 'Word of the Day' email from Merriam-Webster and the other day the word was grubstake. grubstake GRUB-stayk verb : to provide with material assistance (as a loan) for launching an enterprise or for a person in difficult circumstances Apparently, the word gained footing during the California gold rush, and...