Analytics & Quantity v. Quality

For better or worse, we live in a world full of numbers discussion.  No matter where you go, someone is chatting about exact quantities and numbers.  How many calories is that sandwich?  How many RPM’s does that car do?  How much did you earn at your first job?  How many ounces did the baby drink from the bottle?  How long were you on the treadmill?  How many miles did you run?  How many inches is your new TV?  What is the score of such and such football game?

You get the idea.  We watch our weight, measure our success, and compare ourselves to others (just to name a few ways) by numbers.

In start-up business, we drown in numbers related to expenses, start-up costs, sales conversions, hours in the day, and on and on.

Another main area of number obsession (for me and maybe just maybe others) is both our website and social media related to the influence we are having as a start-up.  In other words, the Analytics.  You know what I am talking about – pageviews, unique visitors, goals, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, Klout Scores, Peer Indexes, Alexa Rankings, rewteets………Recently, I was helping someone who is trying to build their blog, and she stated “I am stalking my stats.”

Last week, I was fascinated by the story of the Crock Pot Girls who quickly became an internet sensation and gained over a million Facebook Fans in 2 weeks.  Most moms in business, like me, were both curious and envious how the Crock Pot Girls did it.  I don’t know, and I am not trying to figure it out anymore.

After a few days passed, I started to think about all these numbers and analytics related to our web influence and began to have the age old debate with myself – Quantity v. Quality.  When it comes to start-up business and our growing brands and presence, which is better?  Quantity or Quality?

I really do not know the exact answer, so my guess is that it lies somewhere in the grey area – an undetermined fine line between Quantity and Quality.  When I look at my numbers (and, even when I am trying to not look at my numbers), I can think of two areas where the Quantity is important.

Content – If you are writing a blog (which we already know you should be), and you evaluate the numbers….Look at which posts are getting the most views.  What are you writing about in these posts?  What is the content?  Are you more or less personal in these posts?  Whatever you are writing or how you are presenting yourself in these posts – do MORE!

Connections – When you look at your Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, Blog Readers & Subscribers, how many of them are you actually connecting with?  You may have a million peeps, but how many are you actually engaged with?  The number of people actually connected with your business no matter what platform it is on is what counts!  Ask these people for feedback….What makes them feel engaged with your business so you can do MORE!

Do notice that in both of these areas, the Quantity intersects with Quality.  The Quantity matters when it is related to Top Quality.  That is my take….what is yours?

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