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How Your Startup Can Accept Online Payments with Ease

Accepting online payments can help increase small business sales. You have many options for accepting online payments, including accepting eChecks, recurring billing, online gateways and integrations, and more!

Allow your customers the ease of paying online, as accepting credit and debit cards online is easy. You just need a merchant account with a payment acceptance company, and you’ll be on your way. Use a “Pay Now” button, or integrate with an online shopping cart or software. First, you’ll need to figure out what type of online payment acceptance makes sense for you and your business. Then, research different companies that allow for easy and secure online payments.

Below are a few online payment options your small business can consider:


An electronic check allows customers the ability to pay by check without the hassle of writing a physical check. Electronic checks or “eChecks,” can also be called a direct debit or an ACH transfer. Electronic check processing is similar to paper check processing, except that it is much faster. Once a customer submits his or her payment information, the payment is set to be withdrawn from the customer’s bank account. Forget about non-sufficient funds or spending hours reconciling checks at the bank. Accepting eChecks streamlines the entire process of accepting checks.

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Recurring billing

This is beneficial for customers paying for monthly services such as gym memberships, rent payments and online subscriptions. Recurring billing is extremely convenient for your customers and guarantees you are getting paid on time. Merchant Services companies allow you to send email invoices to help you get paid faster or even text payment receipts. Now you won’t have to worry about having late-payment conversations with your customers. Never miss another payment with recurring billing!

Online gateways and integration options

Use a web-based payment processing platform to accept payments online, safely and securely. Or, if you use software for business, for example Intuit QuickBooks, you can securely accept payments through integrating with an online payment gateway. Make sure to look for a variety of capabilities that would be convenient for your customers. This includes paying through email, paying by text, shopping cart checkout and more. Depending on the company, you can work with a team of developers to help you set up integrated payment acceptance. Make accepting online payments easy for both you and your customers!

If you have an online business presence, it might be prudent for you to accept online payments. Whichever method you choose to accept payments through, you will find that both you and your customers benefit from it. International Bancard is happy to help walk you through the process. Their variety of solutions will help you increase your cash flow, sales and profitability.

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