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Hiring Mistakes You Could Be Making

Bad hires happen. However, they happen a bit too often. Studies show that nearly three out of four employers admit to hiring the wrong job candidate. Maybe HR was in a rush to fill an important role or you hired someone because you knew the applicant and they seem nice enough. Or, someone didn’t take extra time to look into references and job history. The list of reasons for a bad hire goes on and on.

Not only is it a financial burden, but a bad hire can also negatively affect employee morale. Adding an unqualified employee to the workforce can force supervisors to spend extra time training and managing them. Additionally, a bad hire may not mesh well with their coworkers, and miscommunication issues can arise. Other employees can begin to lose confidence in the company.

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Eventually, a bad hire will realize they’re wrong for the position and leave voluntarily. However, this won’t happen every time. You, or a trusted employee, will have to fire them and restart the hiring process. It becomes a waste of time, energy and money.

So, how can you avoid all of this? It may seem obvious, but it has to be said. Don’t rush the process! Hiring someone too quickly can force human resources, or yourself, to neglect essential background checks and/or pre-employment screening. Avoid using premade job descriptions or other templated job posts. They don’t thoroughly describe your company culture or the open position.

Furthermore, mistakes can happen during the interview. Ask open-ended questions instead of “easy” ones. Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions or probe for further details to answers. Personality is important, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason behind a hire. Good jokes and charming wit can’t compensate for quality work in your company’s time of need.

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Even if it means a slight delay, taking the time to be thorough in your hiring process is the best and most effective way to go. The right person for the job will show up, even if your business has to reopen the job search.

For more tips and mistakes to avoid, check out the infographic below.

Infographic provided by Global Verification Network

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