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Can Generation X, Y, and Z fill the gaps?

Is the business world about to be set on its ear by Generation X, Y, and Z – or will it be business as usual?
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Generation X, Y, and Z – How do they differ from their predecessors?

As the baby boomers – the largest generation in history – retire and leave the workplace, it will be up to Generation X, Y, and Z to fill the senior positions. But how different will their working attitudes and cultures be from their predecessors? Quite different, it seems, going by a stylish infographic produced by Next Generation Recruitment.

The infographic, Generation X vs Y vs Z – Workplace Edition, shows that:

  • 46% of Generation Z (born after 1995) are true ‘digital natives’, online 10+ hours a day;
  • 68% Generation Y (born between 1977 and 1994) are the most passionate employees;
  • Generation X (1966-76) are the breadwinners, with 58% identifying as the top revenue builders

Linda Davis, Managing Director at Next Generation Recruitment, explained how the differences in each generation meant that the world of business was set to dramatically change over the next few years:

    “The key challenge that faces many organizations is the ability to marry and unite the different generations within a workforce. Employee engagement is key, and organizations need to understand what the motivators are for Generation X, Y and Z and what are the variances among different attitudes to the changing worlds of employment. A key consideration is to ensure you have a very flexible rewards scheme so that it appeals across all of the generations.”

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