Help your business startup today: Set goals

21 Apr 2006

Joel Welsh

Joel Welsh, Chief Community Officer, is also the CEO of a new startup company ... Showcase U. Joel shares behind the scenes key decisions being made in the "Birth of a Startup" and knocks it out of the park to provide his own entrepreneurial wisdom.

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It’s good to have daily goals. They add up to support your weekly, monthly, annual & life goals. One of my goals today … Goal setting!!

I received an e-Newsletter this morning from my friend Kevin Binion and the lead article was titled “Learning How To Win”. He described an Xbox gaming experience he had with his son and nephew where the youngsters were dancing with jubilation when they scored a touchdown against Kevin in the last 2 minutes of the game. The final score was Kevin 57 the kids 7 but the fact that the boys had made progress was cause for severe celebration!

Starting a business is a lot like that. You need those celebrations of early small scores to keep you going in the face of the adversity you’ll face as you grow toward profitability. We have to set milestones that will ultimately add up to victories.

And a milestone doesn’t always have to be a quantitative number. You’ll want to identify specific measurable goals that you can score yourself against, for sure, but sometimes something as simple as going after it every day over a period of time is just as valuable. Hey, it worked for Lou Gehrig and then Cal Ripken.

Of course Lou & Cal had other goals that they set & reached to get them to Cooperstown, baseball’s Hall of Fame, but it all started with a commitment at the most basic level – be prepared to play every single day.

So as I do the homework & research to identify and proclaim my StartupNation goals today, I’ll start with today’s goal ….

Set goals.

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