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3 Bite-Sized Goals You Can Set (and Achieve) in January

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs love doing, it’s setting goals for their small business. This list is often long and detailed at the start of the year. After all, a new year means new business! However, a few weeks back into the grind can have even those with the strongest work ethics struggling to readjust...
SMART goal
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4 SMART Goal Examples: Learn Exactly How to Set Targets for Your Startup

Chances are, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll have heard of the term “SMART goals.” Despite its inclusion in the hall of fame of buzzwords, SMART goals are an objective-setting system that should be taken seriously. Done right, they can motivate and inspire you and your staff to successfully grow your business. A clearly defined...
business plan
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Where to Start When Creating a Fundable Business Plan

If you need finance for your startup, you’ll need to create a business plan that convinces lenders that you’re a good risk. Writing a business plan also helps to confirm your goals and ideas, and clarifies where you want to take the business. They are important documents, but business plans aren’t intended to be static....
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6 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Business Coach This Year

This is the year. This, you have decided, is the year you skyrocket your business to great success. Congratulations! It’s a worthy resolution for the new year. But I’m here to make sure that instead of simply setting a goal, you also work toward making it a reality. Too many business owners throw out goals and...
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5 Ways to Refresh Your Business Plan for a Successful 2018

A new year is the perfect time to get a head start on refreshing your business plan. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the passing year, consider triumphs and failures, and craft new goals while dusting off others which still have some life left in them. Whether you’ve already started on next year’s...
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What a Successful Content Marketing Team Looks Like

Content marketing remains one of the smartest investments a startup can make in the growth of their company. However, it’s not necessarily “cheap," as it takes a large investment of time and/or money to be effective. Too often, companies try to kick off content marketing efforts with a barebones team. They set out and hire a...
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Why Creating a Company of Owners is Smart Business

A company of owners is a company of engaged individuals. Company culture has been an increasingly important focus of startup businesses over the last decade. In fact, a study led by Columbia Business School showed that more than 50 percent of survey respondents felt that corporate culture has an influence on productivity, creativity, profitability, firm...
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Rich20Something Shares the Secret to Small Business Growth

The following is excerpted from "Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life You Want" by Daniel DiPiazza with the permission of TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Copyright © 2017 by Daniel DiPiazza. "Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life You Want"...
Content marketing
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5 Steps for Building a Simple Content Marketing Framework

The year 2017 is now underway and many startups are looking for new ways to bolster growth and increase engagement within their communities. We’ve seen time and time again that content marketing is an approach that can create long-term value for a brand and serve the needs of a business. But if you’re new to content...
SMART goal setting
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SMART Goal Setting for Your Business

New business owners hear it again and again: set goals. Goals provide us with targets to aim for; they codify our aspirations. You can’t achieve something that you haven’t defined. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done. It’s simple enough to slap together some goals that you think might be worthwhile, but how effective is...
Business Owners
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The Hidden Goal of the Smartest Business Owners

What are your business goals for the year? If you’re like most business owners, you have a profit goal you want to hit. You may also have a top line revenue number that’s important to you. While those goals are important, there is another objective that may have an even bigger payoff: building a sellable...
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Planning For Growth: Setting Business Goals

Any experienced business owner will tell you that planning for growth and setting business goals is an essential part of successful business growth. Whether you’re just thinking of starting a business or you’ve got an established and profitable startup enterprise, business goals are key to progression at every stage of business development. Staying on track...
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What’s Your Excuse? Do it Now!

I just returned from a visit to Detroit. My Aunt Margaret died unexpectedly, and I wanted to pay my respects to this wonderful woman who touched the lives of everyone she met. It just goes to show you that things can happen when you least expect it…whether you are ready or not. With this in...
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Help your business startup today: Set goals

It's good to have daily goals. They add up to support your weekly, monthly, annual & life goals. One of my goals today ... Goal setting!! I received an e-Newsletter this morning from my friend Kevin Binion and the lead article was titled “Learning How To Win”. He described an Xbox gaming experience he had...