Branding Your Main Street: Find Your Unique Characteristic

Do you think branding is just for mega-corporations? Jeff, Kristi and this week’s panel of experts tell you how important it is to not only brand your business, but how to brand your Main Street. What are you known for? We all know that Virginia is for lovers and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but your Main Street has its own unique characteristic too; it’s up to you to find it and become known for it!

Ben Muldrow, partner at Muldrow & Associates, shares some ideas on how to start branding your Main Street. Ben should know, as he is responsible for all community marketing and branding functions of the Greenville, S.C.-based urban planning firm. Ben helps communities develop their brand identity through an open process including public design sessions and collaborative small groups. He has designed new branding and marketing elements for revitalization projects in over 300 communities.

We are also joined by Michelle Grinnell, manager of public relations at Pure Michigan. The Pure Michigan branding campaign absolutely captures the “feel” of Michigan and is a prime example of what effective branding can do. Michelle shares how the techniques they use can be just as successful for your business, Main Street, village, town or city.

Jim Berryman, mayor of Adrian, M.I., was a surprise guest and called to discuss the uniqueness of Adrian and to seek advice from Ben to better brand his town.

Great show, great guests! Get your Main Street on the map with this week’s Main Street Nation Radio!

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