StartupNation Radio: Shark Tank Tips and Success Stories

On today’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined by leading business coach and co-host, Jon Dwoskin. Together, they interview three entrepreneurs who have pitched their businesses on “Shark Tank.”

Today’s featured guests are Renaldo Webb, founder of Pet Plate; Tate Stock, founder of Chirp; and Meredith Jurica, CEO of Makeup Junkie bags. Together, they share their “Shark Tank” experiences and offer up tips to aspiring entrepreneurs for perfecting your pitch in order to secure a deal.

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But first, Jeff and Jon kick off the show by announcing their new joint business coaching program, “Business Builders,” which will feature live weekly business coaching sessions, a private Facebook group for members, expert guest speakers and more!

“The goal and the intent is very clean,” Dwoskin said of the “Business Builders” program. “We want to make coaching affordable for everybody. We want to be a resource to help you grow your business.”

Business Builders

“Business Builders” will launch in mid-March 2021, at an investment of $100 per month or $997 for the year.

To sign up to receive updates, please visit or reach out to Jeff directly at [email protected].

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Next up, Jeff and Jon introduce each of today’s guests, starting with Meredith Jurica, CEO of Makeup Junkie Bags, a lay-flat, leak-proof cosmetic bag created using a design that previously didn’t exist in the makeup industry. Jurica shares the deal she made on “Shark Tank” with Lori Greiner ($200,000 for 15% of her company) in early 2019, and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

meredith jurica
(Meredith Jurica, CEO of Makeup Junkie Bags)

Then, Jeff and Jon bring on Tate Stock, founder of Chirp, a company known for its Chirp Wheel, a device that helps to relieve back pain by stretching the muscles. Stock’s “Shark Tank” appearance aired in late October 2020, in which he struck a $900,000 deal for 2.5% of his company.

tate stock
(Tate Stock, founder of Chirp)

Lastly, Jeff and Jon introduce Renaldo Webb, founder of Pet Plate, a company that delivers nutritious dog food in convenient pre-portioned cups. While Webb did not receive a deal when he was on “Shark Tank” in 2016, he reflects on how he turned the obstacles that prevented him from securing a deal into the reasons Pet Plate has been so successful ever since.

renaldo webb
(Renaldo Webb, founder of Pet Plate)

Throughout the show, Jurica, Stock and Webb discuss the “Shark Tank” application process, share how aspiring entrepreneurs can increase their chances of getting a deal, and offer a look at the behind-the-scenes process that viewers at home don’t get to see.

Tune in to the full Shark Tank-themed episode below!

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