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8 Steps for the Perfect Product Launch

You’ve created the killer product that will change the world. Now you need people to buy it. Top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their tried-and-tested ways to build buzz so people buy from you and passionately spread the word for mega profits. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here...
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Personal Reinvention: The Hidden Secret to Successful Entrepreneurship

Reinvention is the key to successful entrepreneurship. Great entrepreneurs invest countless hours reinventing, reimagining and disrupting products and services of all kinds. What I’ve found in the research for my new book, "Reach," is that a key blind spot for many entrepreneurs has to do with perhaps the most important reinvention necessary to make their business...
how to start a business
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6 Accomplished Entrepreneurs Share How to Start a Business with $100

Many would-be entrepreneurs never start a business because they’re waiting for the perfect idea or don’t have enough disposable capital to break out of the rat race. These accomplished entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share how to start a business with $100: StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here...
renaldo webb petplate
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PetPlate Founder Discusses Navigating the Messy Middle in Business

Building and scaling a business isn’t easy, and reality quickly settles in after the initial excitement of launching your product or new business venture. Navigating this next phase of the entrepreneurial journey is difficult and creates more questions than answers. I believe author Scott Belsky summarized it best by calling this part of the journey...
StartupNation Radio
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StartupNation Radio: Shark Tank Tips and Success Stories

On today’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined by leading business coach and co-host, Jon Dwoskin. Together, they interview three entrepreneurs who have pitched their businesses on “Shark Tank.” Today’s featured guests are Renaldo Webb, founder of Pet Plate; Tate Stock, founder of Chirp; and Meredith Jurica, CEO of Makeup Junkie bags. Together, they...
Joe Shark Tank
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How to Pitch Like a Shark Tank Winner

During my 20 years in the window industry, I’ve dealt with countless and constant complaints from my customers about the inherent problems with traditional window screens. I was beginning to feel more like a screen replacement man than a salesman, and I decided that there must be a better way. In 2013, I set up...
intellectual property
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5 Intellectual Property Considerations Startups Oftentimes Overlook

Many contestants on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” answer “yes” when asked if they have a patent, illustrating that startups may generally appreciate the importance of filing a patent application early to protect their innovations. However, there are a variety of options available when developing a company’s strategy for protecting its Intellectual Property (IP). StartupNation...
side hustle
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5 Genius Insights to Start a Lucrative Side Hustle

Acorns grow into oak trees. Many successful entrepreneurs started with just a humble side hustle. Top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their invaluable lessons learned from early side hustles. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here It won’t be easy, but false confidence is good I was working 9...
shark tank
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What We Learned From Turning Down a Deal on Shark Tank

When we appeared on Shark Tank to pitch our popular Zipadee-Zip swaddle transition product, we were thrilled to receive three different offers from the sharks. We ended up striking a deal on the show with Daymond John for $200,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in our company, Sleeping Baby. The last thing we...
product shark tank
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7 Tips for Getting a Product on Shark Tank

Growing up in San Diego, California, I was unprepared for how mosquitos would impact my family’s quality of life when we relocated to South Florida. My young daughter and I were constantly suffering from mosquito bites and none of the post-bite treatments available on the market were effective. Determined to find a solution, I spent...
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Shark Tank Investors Say This is How to Win Them Over

Look the part, be disruptive and keep things simple, say Barbara Corcoran, Bethenny Frankel, Grant Cardone and others. You have a great idea. Now you need the money to make it happen. In this day and age when it seems like everybody is an entrepreneur, how do you convince investors your idea is worth their financial backing? We asked “Shark Tank”...
break a whey the lip bar
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StartupNation Radio feat. Break a Whey and The Lip Bar

This episode of StartupNation Radio is brought to you by Pappas Financial On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, interviews Jeff Kulis of Break a Whey and Melissa Butler of The Lip Bar. Jeff Kulis is the founder of Break a Whey, an all-natural, high-protein yogurt for all ages. Break a Whey...
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10 Highly Successful People on the Surefire Ways to Stay Productive

We asked 10 business moguls and advisors in The Oracles for their No. 1 tips for staying productive. Here’s what these extremely successful businesspeople, including the head of a $750 million real estate empire, a Shark on “Shark Tank,” and a CEO who grew a company to $3.6 billion in five years, had to say. Reevaluate where...
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How 12 Successful Business Titans Set Themselves Apart From the Competition

Personally and professionally, it's harder than ever to stand out and make yourself heard. These industry leaders and advisors in The Oracles reveal how they differentiate themselves from their biggest competition. 1. Solve a problem and know your business inside out "To separate yourself from the pack, you have to solve a problem for your customers. Then...
shark tank
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How to Pitch a Shark: Everything You Need to Know

If you have an idea for a business, or if you already have a company of your own, then you probably love the show “Shark Tank.” It’s reality TV, sure, but it’s not like a lot of the other junk that’s out there. The people who go on “Shark Tank” are real entrepreneurs with real...
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The Most Valuable Lessons These 6 Top Entrepreneurs Have Learned

The entrepreneur’s journey is full of challenging and enlightening lessons. If paid attention to, these lessons can take your business to the next level. These top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles reflect on some of their most valuable business lessons and how they used them to find ultimate success. Value your time by putting a price...