5 Actionable Goals for Your Startup to Set and Achieve

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While the pandemic has created numerous obstacles for entrepreneurs, some of the best and most inventive ideas have been born out of adverse circumstances. January is the perfect time to re-evaluate what worked and what didn’t work over the course of the past 12 months in order to set new intentions for your business.

Whether you’d like to focus more on marketing, sales, training or profitability, there’s always room for improvement in your business.

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We spoke with several entrepreneurs and thought leaders about their own business goals for 2021, in the hopes of inspiring fellow entrepreneurs to move forward with actionable goals for the year:

Deliver experiences, not just products

“Our goal for this year is to continue to get creative and innovative with our marketing strategies. The reason we’ve reached our level of success is because we like to deliver experiences along with our products. One of our opening activations was, if a customer spent enough money on alcohol in-app, to send a bartender out to their home to make drinks for them for an hour. Marketing is the best investment you can make when starting a business, and the more inventive you are with it, you’ll see a customer base come in fast.”

– Chris Vaughn, founder and CEO of Saucey

Chris Vaughn
(Chris Vaughn)

Grow your social media presence

“Our 2021 resolution is growing our social media presence. As we have been ushered into a distinctive digital era, people are less likely to be exposed to new products on the market while out in stores or driving by billboards. People are looking for word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends, colleagues, and, ultimately, their favorite influencers. Our 2021 marketing goals will focus on increasing our social platform and implementing the timely advent of influencer marketing programs.”

-Benjamin Smith, founder of Disco Skincare for Men

Benjamin Smith
(Benjamin Smith)

Don’t forget about retail

“In 2021, we plan to expand our presence in the retail market. While COVID-19 has taken a toll on some retailers, we predict that this channel will grow in the next year as restrictions are slowly lifted. Last year, we partnered with Dillard’s to bring our luxury dog treats to their nearly 250 department stores across the country. This year, we’re looking to grow even further in this channel. Additionally, we are planning on expanding our product offering to continue spoiling your pampered pet, which will help grow our presence online and validate our multi-channel strategy.”

– Nico Nemeth, founder of Bonne et Filou

Nico Nemeth
(Nico Nemeth)

Reevaluate the “traditional” workspace

“In 2021, I would like to reopen offices in a smaller capacity when it is safe to do so and when my employees are comfortable with returning. My goal is to make everyone as happy as possible, in which I have developed a hybrid solution of working from home combined with the option of available office spaces. Having both options available will give employees the ability to choose what suits their needs most for that specific day, week, or month. I look forward to testing this hybrid workplace solution this coming year as we settle back into somewhat regular life post pandemic.”

– Brandon Monaghan, cofounder of Miracle Brand

Brandon Monaghan
(Brandon Monaghan)

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Be an accountable leader for your team

“As a leader, I intend to be more present and available for my team members. I plan to be better at daily check-ins with employees to keep them on track but also to listen to any concerns or feedback they might have to offer. It is extremely important to me to keep my team happy, comfortable and optimistic. I want to encourage and offer more helpful initiatives for employees to find a healthy work-life balance. In these difficult times, I want to be considerate of everyone’s situation and be a grounding source of reassurance and support.”

– Ashwin Sokke, cofounder of WOW Skin Science

Ashin Sokke
(Ashin Sokke)

Whether short- or long-term, goal-setting is a great way to center your focus and drive your business forward. Whatever your goals might be, now is the time to re-prioritize and ensure that you’re set up for success no matter what 2021 may bring.

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