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Business Basics: 10 Best Organizational Apps To Help Startups

The creation of mobile apps has changed the way we live and work. They’ve enabled us to do take on a range of daily tasks, including instant messaging, file sharing, to-do lists, online banking and more. They’ve also made running a business much easier by allowing business owners to undertake tasks on the go and always stay connected with organizational apps.

So, if you’ve recently started a business and you’re looking for some apps to make your life easier, this article is for you. Below, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best apps to help you stay organized and keep your startup running smoothly.

1. Microsoft To Do

If you love writing a to-do list and often have multiple lists on the go, the Microsoft To Do app is a lifesaver. You can use the app to create lists, set reminders, keep track of notes and even sign voice notes to specific tasks for extra detail.

Using this app, you’ll get all the satisfaction of a paper list, but without having to carry your notepad around with you. You can access your lists on your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop at any time.

2. Calendly

Have you ever double-booked yourself or perhaps forgotten about a meeting entirely? If so, you know that juggling multiple times, dates and events can be stressful and confusing. But thanks to Calendly, it doesn’t have to be.

Calendly allows you to send a link to recipients showing your availability, and they can choose a time that’s convenient for them. It is then added directly to your calendar. This way, you will never miss a meeting or important event again.

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3. LastPass

If you find that you’re always setting and forgetting passwords and going through the painstaking and irritating steps of setting up another one, LastPass is the app for you. This handy app is the ideal way for you to keep all your passwords safe and in one easy-to-access location. This way, you don’t have to remember multiple passwords for your various work and personal accounts. This can make things much quicker and easier when trying to go about your working day.

4. Trello

If you need a hand with project management, Trello is a great organizational app that is fun and flexible. You can create multiple boards, lists and cards where you can set tasks and add notes. You can also share your boards and tag others on your notes when you need to, making collaboration much easier.

And if you’ve got deadlines, you can set completion dates on your cards to help keep you on track. The system is simple and easy to use, with drag and drop functionality, and it helps you to keep on top of projects and other work-related tasks.

5. Evernote

As a new business owner, it might feel like you’re trying to juggle a thousand tasks at once, which can get a little stressful. Evernote is an app and cloud-based system that helps you stay on top of almost every thought and task you need to keep track of.

The app is essentially made up of virtual sticky notes and is a place where you can create to-do lists, record voice notes/memos, scan business cards, receipts, documents and more. This way, you can keep a record of everything and anything. This helps you to clear your mind and means you have a safe and easy space to store and find all the information you need to run your business smoothly.

6. Google Tasks

Like Microsoft To Do, Google Tasks is another popular task management system that allows you to keep on top of your tasks and to-do lists. Best of all, you can integrate the app with your Gmail and synchronize this across all your devices, so you can access your tasks and lists from anywhere at any time.

7. Slack

If your startup is run by a small team, the Slack app is a great way to help everyone stay organized and connected, allowing them to work and collaborate seamlessly. And the great news is, if your team is small enough, you can actually use the system for free.

The app allows users to send instant messages, share files, write to-do lists and set reminders. The app can also be easily integrated with other systems that your business might use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Mailchimp.

8. DocuSign

When you’re trying to work on the go or from different mobile devices, there are times when it can feel like you are still limited, despite the sheer number of apps out there. One such issue that business owners have faced in recent years is being able to collect or share signatures via mobile devices.

For example, you might need to get a client’s signature to complete an agreement or sign off on a contract for hiring a new employee. Whatever the case may be, DocuSign allows you to stay on top of your work when meeting in person to get a signature is not an option.

9. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a great accounting app for startups that allows you to keep on top of payments, invoices and expenses. It connects your business to your bank, PayPal and other payment systems and can be used to track or pay invoices, pay your employees, upload photos of receipts and even track your company’s financial well-being.

What’s more, it gives you access to real-time data, so not only can you stay organized and on top of invoices and payments, but you can also access profit and loss reports at any time.

10. Time Timer

Finally, when you’re trying to stay organized and productive, having a to-do list can be great, but then you still need to find the motivation to get going and actually tick things off. Timer apps, sometimes referred to as productivity apps, allow you to set aside blocks of time in your day to tackle certain tasks.

This means that during your set time, you focus solely on the task at hand and don’t try to juggle anything else. Time Timer is one such app that helps you to set timers and reminders, stay productive and meet deadlines. Those that practice working in time blocks often find they are much more productive than those who don’t.

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