eBay Feedback Improvement Idea – What Do You Think?

Hi gang,

So, since we all know now that the current war between eBay and their sellers centers around Feedback, I thought I’d throw this idea on the fire.

As a seller,  what really upsets me about Feedback, when you peel away all the emotional and logical layers of how it works,  it that my business can be seriously affected by some punk in Canada who bought an item, didn’t pay, then negged us when we reported him.   Or by some newbie who doesn’t even understand the feedback system and how to use it.

eBay has placed an unbelievable amount of power in the buyers hands now –  we can’t neg them, and they can literally determine whether or not we earn discounts, get seen in search, or have a business at all on eBay frankly.

So, what I think eBay should do is rebalance the power that buyers have.

I think most of you would agree that a feedback from a buyer with a lot of feedback – say 50 or more – can be more trusted than a feedback from a guy with 2 feedback.  Newbie feedback ( < 10) just absolutely kills our business.   These are good people who just don’t understand the system yet –  they don’t understand what leaving bad feedback means, and they don’t understand that problems can be worked out before leaving feedback.

eBay needs to weight feedback from buyers based on their feedback number.   In other words,  feedback from an experienced buyer should have more importance on a sellers rating than from a newbie.  I think this would empower eBays coveted experienced buyers, and will give a more realistic picture from all the newbies.

Leaving feedback should be earned now.   Give the power to the people who know what they are doing.

Lay it on me –  what do you think of this idea?





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