Kevin Harmon

Kevin Harmon is the CEO of Red Shorts Media LLC, which owns movie and music trade-in/buyback websites. He is the former CEO of Inflatable Madness, LLC, one of the largest DVD and CD resellers on eBay and Amazon.

Kevin has appeared on Startup Nation Radio multiple times, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, has been a featured speaker at eBay Live, and has appeared on Fox Business Channel.

Hi gang,

Yeah,  eBay has been a tough marriage the last few years for us.  

First they jack up my Store insertion fees 150%, then they institute undocumented policies concerning the feedback system and we almost get kicked off the site (neutrals are now negatives!),  then they announce fee structure changes that actually RAISE our fees,  then they institute Best Match, which makes many sellers almost invisible,  then they take away our feedback freedoms by not allowing us to leave negs for buyers,  then they cut a deal with and give them listing discounts in some of the categories I’m in, creating an unlevel playing field to everybody’s disadvantage save

Sooooooo,  I am an entrepreneur, so I’m an optimist, and I own a business, so I’m also a realist. Here’s the difference:

Optimist: So yes,  eBay still has 90 million active members and a ton of site traffic, and that fact cannot be ignored.  There should still be a way to sell profitably on eBay.

Realist:  Holy crap, eBay is making it hard on the average seller.  Time to get lots of eggs out of this basket.

We actually realized this some time ago, and have been actively branching out our business, while at the same time trying to remain on eBay in a profitable way.

So here’s our latest “branch”:  !!!!!!!

I’m really proud of this site because we’re going to be able to sell DVD’s for less than anyone else and sell some DVD’s for prices you just won’t believe.

So please do me the favor of checking out the site.  Join the newsletter.  Give me improvement suggestions.  Buy something!

I’ve created a special $2.00 off your order coupon code just for SUN’ners to use until June 30th.  Here it is:


Many thanks,  and I’m sure I’ll be updating you on the site progress.


Head Gorilla

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