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‘Everything Borrowed’ Podcast Ep. 14: A Conversation with Jason Hundey

Andrew Blake

Andrew Blake

A self-proclaimed "humanist," Andrew celebrates every aspect what it means to be human.​ A husband, farmer, entrepreneur and spiritual explorer are some of the avenues in which Andrew cultivates his perspective.​

Andrew’s commitment to blazing his own trail has served him well professionally; he turned an obscure college idea, which would later become Blake’s Hard Cider Company, into one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the country. All of this happened while Andrew worked to evolve the fields that raised him and Blake has grown into a leader in the agricultural space and becoming one of the preeminent destinations in the Midwest.​

He is also the host of Everything Borrowed, a weekly podcast cultivating conversations on business, life and the in-betweens.
Andrew Blake

Friend, writer, teacher, podcaster and history buff are just a few words to describe today’s guest. On this episode of “Everything Borrowed,” Jason Hundey joins host Andrew Blake to discuss the evolution and history of rock and music as a whole.

Hundey has taught a university-designed Music History course for 10 years, been one of the hosts of Requiem Metal Podcast for 13 years and has researched and compiled a 4,500 plus song History of Heavy Metal Countdown that sequentially looks at the elements that grew into and advanced heavy metal from the 1930s to present.

Watch the full interview:

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To learn more about “Everything Borrowed” and catch up on previous episodes, visit Andrew Blake’s expert profile on StartupNation.

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