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Sometimes the inspiration for starting your dream business can come from an unexpected direction. Learning from the past can be quite profitable, and life-changing for you as a budding entrepreneur.

I was visiting my family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania this past weekend and one of the “must do” activities for these visits is Achenbach’s Bakery in Leola, PA. (I always bring home a dozen long-johns on the plane – somehow only about 9 or 10 actually make it to my house) This is deep in the heart of Amish country so part of the charm of the journey is making your way past the Amish horse & buggies clomping along the road.

I was reminded of the buggy whip. Buggy whip factories were popular and successful until the horseless carriage reached its tipping point in the 1920s. Entrepreneurs who were successful buggy whip manufacturers had to get into a new business if they were to continue to prosper.

Did the buggy whip entrepreneurs see the future like Henry Ford did? Do you see the death of an industry due to the impending tipping point of a new one? How can you take advantage of the killer app on the horizon?

Read this StartupNation article to learn how a 4,000-year-old pastime turned into one of the best selling Father’s Day gifts in 1993.

Has the past inspired you in your desire to start it up? Tell us all about it!!

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