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The power is out at StartupNation headquarters right now. Word is that someone cut a power line & it may be up to 5 hours before electricity is restored. So, do we take the rest of the day off? Go for a long walk, or take a nap?

It was fascinating to see the StartupNation team spring into action in the midst of this interruption in our entrepreneurial day. Some of us had UPC backup power to our computers so we kept on feverishly working until the inevitable short-term backup on our server gave way. After about an hour, the server went down & we no longer had any access to our data or email. Jessica started asking everyone how we could take advantage of the "opportunity" to have some in-person meetings about topics that have been on our collective back-burners lately. Brian scrambled home to use his home computer to work on an important project that requires constant monitoring but does not require access to our server. Heather & Stephanie started working the phones to get in touch with people and have live conversations. No email, so let’s talk to people!

Me? I got home & started in on some offline projects that have been lower on my daily priority list and then realized … Hey! I can write a blog! I can blog about what entrepreneurs do during a power outage. (our website is hosted on offsite servers with boatloads of backup & redundancy)

You just can’t stop entrepreneurs from being productive. Electricity? We don’t need no stinking electricity! We’re entrepreneurs!!

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