The Small Business Family

I’m reminded today that all of life is about relationships with other humans. StartupNation headquarters is not the bustling place that it normally is today. It’s because many of our team members are not here in the office today. Oh, the ones who are here are every bit as bustling as they normally are, but the sheer lack of numbers just limits the noise level and the bustling perception.

Some are traveling for business purposes. Some are on vacation in warmer spots, except for one in Wisconsin with family and one on a ski trip. One just had a new baby boy this morning. Another one is expecting at any moment to get the call from his wife to run home for the birth of their first child. And yet another one is about 6 months away from their due date. One’s sister is getting married in a few weeks and she’s the maid of honor. Another one is getting married himself in a few weeks. Two of us got married within the past 7 months. Another one’s father is in the hospital.

This is our small business family here at StartupNation. All of us with the really important things in our lives being supported by the business of StartupNation. Sure, it happens in big businesses as well. But it’s just much more intimate in a small business.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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