23 of the Best Smartphone Apps for Businesses and Fun

If you are like me, your smartphone has become your window to the world, both for your personal life and for your business.  I have had both and Android phone and an iPhone and I have to say I liked them both!  In fact I have to admit I liked my Android phone a little more because of the built in GPS navigation.  In any case, once you have a smart phone, you won’t go back to the regular phone again because the apps are helpful, convenient, and fun!!

I use my smart phone all of the time and I’m always looking for new apps.  Here are 23 of my favorites.  Will you take the time to share some of yours?

  1. Square– This app lets customers square-up with you in a fast and easy fashion by processing any major credit card via swipe from your smartphone.  The company charges a flat fee for every transaction, deposits money directly to your bank account the next day, provides a free card reader, and works on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  2. Evernote – This got-to-have app lets you record notes, snap pictures, clip webpages, collaborate with clients or co-workers, and keep it all organized, synchronized, and accessible from any device.  A must-have for business people on the go.  Available for all major platforms.
  3. Mapquest– The MapQuest App is your free GPS, providing turn by turn directions on both the iPhone and Android platform.  There is now an option for businesses to get listed for free.
  4. Where This app from the makers of PayPal lets you and your customers find local businesses, get information about deals at local businesses, get recommendations on local businesses, and share your recommendations and favorites with your friends.
  5. Hindenburg Field Recorder) This app puts the power of professional audio recording in your hands and lets you capture a client interview, podcast, or other voice recording with one touch of your finger.  Only available on iPhone and iPad.
  6. Dragon Dictation – This app provides easy-to-use speech recognition technology that instantly types as you speak.  Great for business owners on the go who need to record a blog post while on the train or capture notes from a customer meeting while driving back to the office.  Available for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.
  7. Group Text! – Now you can create distribution lists and send text messages to select groups of people at the same time without having to enter each individual contact.  Available for the iPhone.
  8. iTunes GarageBand) – This app, available on your iPhone or iPad, lets you create your own podcasts and makes it easy to add music and other elements to the recording.
  9. Instagram – This iPhone app allows you to take photos, edit them on your phone, and share them with your customers, clients, or social network no matter where you are.
  10. Meeting Map – This handy app lets you record the names and locations of people attending a meeting to help you remember who was there and where they were sitting.  Perfect for business owners who attend networking events or client meetings.  Available on the iPhone and iPad.
  11. Minibooks by Freshbooks – Put the power of Freshbooks in the palm of your hand with the Minibooks app for the iPhone and iPad.  You can track your time and invoice clients while you are out and about and on the road.
  12. Scan Biz Cards – This app is great for business owners who network or interact with lots of new people.  Unlike other business card scanning apps, ScanBizCards offers additional functions like sending automatic intro emails and setting calendar reminders for following up.  Available on iPhone and Android platforms.
  13. Things – This app makes it easy to keep track of your to-do list while you are getting things done.  Available for the iPhone.
  14. BasecampHQ, – Although this app isn’t a mobile app, it is accessible via the browser on your phone and makes the powerful project management tools of BaseCamp available wherever and whenever you need them.
  15. Summit – The simplified mobile access point for BaseCamp that makes it easy to manage all your to do lists, milestones, and projects from your iPhone.
  16. Capsule – Capsule is a CRM application that you can use to track customers, manage customer communications, and stay on top of everything that needs to be done.  Works on all three smartphone platforms.
  17. Line2 – Turn your iPad into a mobile communication station with this app and never miss an important phone call again.  Great for mobile business owners.
  18. Track My Mileage Easiest way to keep track of your business mileage. Love this app!
  19. SoundHound Don’t know the artist or the name of a song that’s playing?  SoundHound does!
  20. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner Scan barcodes or QR codes in an instant.
  21. Pulse News– Get caught up with what’s new with this app that makes fun and engaging.  -One of my favorites.
  22. Google Currents– Similar to Pulse, but you can add content from your Google Reader.  Also one of my favorites.
  23. Scramble With Friends – My new favorite game.  Want to challenge me?  I’m 23Kazoos.

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Wendy Kenney is the bestselling author of How to Build Buzz for Your Business available on Amazon.com, and has been featured in the Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and Newsday.

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