Baseball and the Passion of Starting Up

I had baseball practice tonight. Now this is real hardball, none of this old-guy softball stuff. It’s actually old-guy baseball. I’m playing another season in the over 40 league. As my 44 year old body is aching and I wait for the celebrex to kick in, I’m reminded (painfully) that all baseball players go through this early season discomfort as we dust off the spikes and get our arms in throwing shape. This is what we do in the name of passion. It’s all worth it when I take that outside pitch to right field in mid-August and cruise into 2nd base with a double in the gap.

This pain in the name of passion is also what entrepreneurs go through in the early season of their new business. Business bumps and bruises, sore muscles and setbacks will happen, but as long as we have a solid strategy and purpose in our daily activity, we will prevail. If you ain’t passionate, you won’t hit the batting cage during your lunch break, and you won’t persevere in the early stages of starting your business. But if you have the passion, nothing will stop you. Your business will succeed because you will not let sharp-breaking curve balls get you down. You may strike out now & again, but you will keep grabbing that bat and swinging for the fences.

Play ball!

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