Entrepreneurs just can’t keep quiet

I was just nestling in to my seat on the plane to Denver last week as I introduced myself to the gentleman sitting next to me. This guy was the talkative sort. Sometimes you spend a plane ride just saying hello & then each person focuses on their own thing. But Scott wanted to hear all about StartupNation and since I had a copy of the book StartupNation: Open For Business in my lap, I told him the story of how we provide the inspiration and resources for people to start and grow their dream business.

He was fascinated and severely engaged – clearly an entrepreneur waiting to happen! Later in the flight I got up for a walk and a stretch and left the book on my seat, fully expecting that he would be reading it when I returned. He was, and I smiled an encouragement for him to keep reading. I have rarely seen anyone devour a book so quickly. I also found an audio clip from one of our recent radio shows on my iPod that I had mentioned to him earlier in the flight and had him listen to it. (the clip is on this page, click on: How do you know when you start up?) He LOVED it and then dug his face back into the book, remarking that he especially enjoyed the Super Startup stories, and particularly the one about Gretchen Schauffler and Devine Color, Inc.

I’m jumping on planes this week from Detroit to Los Angeles today, LA to San Francisco tomorrow, SF to Chicago Wednesday, and back to Detroit Thursday – we’ll be meeting entrepreneurs at Power Breakfast Seminars that Jeff and Rich are speaking at. If you are in LA, SF or Chicago come see us, and get your copy of the book signed!

And if you see a copy of the StartupNation: Open For Business book sitting on a seat, it may be because I left it there for you to read.

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