Entrepreneurship runs in the family blood!

03 Feb 2006

Rich Sloan

Rich Sloan is chief startupologist and co-founder of StartupNation and host of StartupNation podcasts. He is also co-author of the acclaimed how-to book, StartupNation: America's Leading Entrepreneurial Experts Reveal the Secrets to Building a Blockbuster Business. Rich encourages you to make a comment under his blog posts or send him a personal message at member nickname, "Rich," here at StartupNation.

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While we "Sloan brothers" have usually been the ones in our family to be recognized as ‘the entrepreneurs,’ now there’s a new force on the scene…

Her name is Julie … and… she’s our middle sister. That’s right… and watch out! Just a few short months ago, she, like so many thousands of others who’ve had a "great idea," had her own ah-hah! moment. But unlike so many thousands who stop there, Julie went on to create a real business opportunity.

With a teeny budget, she started sewing together prototypes of her fashion accessory concept and showed them to friends for their opinions. The reactions were unanimously positive.

She was able to test market her product at a local Chicago-based retailer. She learned a ton more about her product through their feedback.

Now, today, with her great instincts, once-upon-a-time marketing experience, and support from her husband and children (and her brothers, of course), Julie has gone live today with her website, CuffLuvStuff.com. How thrilling!

Julie, CONGRATULATIONS on ‘opening for business’!!!

The popular online fashion newsletter, Daily Candy, featured her today, impressed more by the product than the business achievement, but that’s great visibility for Julie.

For those of you with a great idea, Julie’s story should inspire and empower you – it proves that you CAN take an idea from nothing and make it into a viable business concept in just months.

Want to hear directly from Julie how she did it?

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