Everyone Assume Financial Crash Position

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Ever watch Airplane? Or did I just reveal my status as dinosaur. (If I didn’t, my kids will be the first to tell you how ancient I am sooner or later anyway.)

But I digress… as usual.

In the movie, when the passengers were asked to assume “crash position,” they immediately started to scream, wave their hands in front of their faces, and stick their feet in the air. In other words, they panicked.

Checking out the newspapers, magazines, and television news over the last few weeks, I think we are being told to “assume crash positions.” But, we’re innovators and inventors, we don’t follow the herd. In fact, we lead the herd.

And now as the herd starts to panic, it’s our job to stay cool, stay smart, and keep working. My bet is that if there’s going to be a solution to this, it won’t be the fat cats… or the bureaucrats who will solve this; it will be the smart cats out there in Startup Nation land.

I’d also lay great odds that someone in the Nation is saying… Hey… this could be an opportunity. Innovators don’t just see a silver lining in the clouds, they figure out how to mine it, bring it to market, and get it on the Oprah Show.

Hey. It’s what we do.

So, ladies and gentleman, I ask you to please return to your seats… or your work bench… or your sewing machine…  and assume not crash positions, but Startup positions.

Thank you.

And I now return you to normal Startup Stella silliness.

Anyone know how to make a Facebook profile public?

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