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From Our Founder: Creating Opportunity During Times of Crisis

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we do our best to plan for the future. But no matter how much we try to prepare ourselves for the unexpected, none of us could have predicted, nor prepared for, the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding economic crisis it has created. Roughly eight months into the pandemic, our plans—both...
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Embrace Your Bold Ideas: 3 Tips for Securing Investment During the Pandemic

Entrepreneurs are still the future of the economy. Entrepreneurs push innovation forward and find ways to solve the unique problems presented by COVID-19. Encouraging entrepreneurship requires investment capital and acquiring capital means investors must be willing to find opportunities during these uncertain times. Recent history shows it’s possible for investors to find great investments during...
burn the business plan carl schramm
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Former Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation President and CEO on 5 Things Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know

The following is excerpted from "Burn the Business Plan: What Great Entrepreneurs Really Do" by Carl Schramm. Copyright © 2018 by Carl Schramm. Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Good companies don’t happen overnight Of course, because of the media-driven narrative of entrepreneurial success, many entrepreneurs dream of starting an...
Small steps
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Taking Small Steps is the Key to Success in Entrepreneurship

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and spoke these words, it was transformative. It was anything but “one” or “small.” Executing that first successful U.S. mission to the moon was composed of thousands, and maybe even millions, of small steps and victories. A...
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Learn to Seize Opportunity in Entrepreneurship Today

What do you see in the status of entrepreneurship today? Most people do not know that entrepreneurship has been declining for nearly three decades, meaning that the percent of adults in the U.S. that start new businesses each year has been shrinking. In 2015, we experienced an increase, which is a very good sign. However,...
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There is Nothing Wrong with Reinvention!

Millennials have a reputation for being incapable of sticking to one career. It has become a rallying cry for businesses: that they have to "put up" with bad prioritization and lack of focus from those ages 18 to 34 (which represent roughly 35 percent of the workforce). Those that believe this is a problem point to...
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Everyone Assume Financial Crash Position

Ever watch Airplane? Or did I just reveal my status as dinosaur. (If I didn't, my kids will be the first to tell you how ancient I am sooner or later anyway.) But I digress... as usual. In the movie, when the passengers were asked to assume "crash position," they immediately started to scream, wave...
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Stella’s Ironic Twists… Labor Day Holiday?

For Americans, as we approach another national holiday that meant something at one time, but is now just an excuse to eat large quantities of trans fat-laden foods and drink impenetrable sums of beer, I pose the question: When will this country’s fastest growing occupation be honored with its own holiday? In other words, when will there...
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Enter StartupNation’s Home-Based 100 Competition!

StartupNation's Home-Based 100 The Home-Based 100 is the first annual ranking of the best performing home-based businesses in America. But no matter what size your home-based business is, you can enter & win. There are 2 categories of competition:   100 Best Performing - if your business is large & has the revenue to prove...
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Woohoo! I’m a Startup Nation blogger!

Hi everybody! Thanks for visiting my new blog on Startup Nation! I am so excited to be an official SuN blogger. When Rich Sloan contacted me about it, I just about peed my pants! I didn't thankfully. I checked. (Hey - I've had 2 kids and am getting old!) So, yeah - I'm super excited...
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Is this the golden age for entrepeneurs?

We have a lot of philosophies about entrepreneurship and small business here at StartupNation. One of them you will hear us mention often on the radio show or at live appearances is that "this is the golden age of entrepreneurship". And essentially what we mean by this is that there has never been a better...
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Autistic teen has lesson for small business owners

They say that luck is where preparedness meets opportunity. And if you need a story to illustrate the point, here's great one. The 17-year-old student manager of the Greece Athena High School basketball team, had his first opportunity to actually play in a game. The team was well ahead, so the coach put him in....
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‘I Have a Problem!’ (Or Do You?!)

Walk the halls of StartupNation and you feel like you're living in a case study about entrepreneurship. Just like you, we work hard everyday to grow our business--our DREAM business. We're smaller than you think. We have only a dozen (totally inspired) full-time people and another half dozen experts on contract. The output of our...
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Entrepreneurs Will Knock You Over

This past weekend's StartupNation radio show featured an interview with entrepreneur Emily Blumenthal of Yasmena. She tells the story of how she got her product to be featured on QVC. She saw her opportunity and literally knocked people out of her way to make it happen. You can listen to the story here - it's...